Kdy skončilo tatarské jho na Rusi?

Title: Kdy skončilo tatarské jho na Rusi?
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  • When did the yoke of the Tatars in the Rusia finish?
Author: Boček, Pavel
Source document: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. C, Řada historická. 2005, vol. 54, iss. C52, pp. [73]-82
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In the literature that begins by N.M.Karamzin prevails the traditional opinion, that the Moscow state was liberated from the dependence on the yoke of the Tartars in autumn 1480. A close study of the annuals and other testimonies proves, that in reality, the liberation occured already in 1472 and that the events of the year 1480 became its definitive and necessary confirmation.