Bible a demytologizace : k náboženské hermeneutice Rudolfa Bultmanna

Title: Bible a demytologizace : k náboženské hermeneutice Rudolfa Bultmanna
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  • The Bible and demythologization : notes on the religious hermeneutics of Rudolf Bultmann
Source document: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. V, Řada literárněvědná bohemistická. 2008, vol. 57, iss. V11, pp. [57]-69
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The study analyzes one of the types of hermeneutics of religion (hermeneutica sacra) that of religious hermeneutics of which the main distinctive feature is that it defends and actualizes the truth of a certain religion. One of the striking examples of that approach is the interpretative conception of Rudolf Bultmann – demythologization. According to Bultmann, reading, demythologization and an existentional interpretation of biblical texts can lead us to the understanding of an authentic reality of man, human beings, whereas personal faith leads us to a true self-understanding. Bultmann's hermeneutic method is neither philosophical, in spite of the fact that he uses philosophical languages, nor can it be applied to different texts of other religions. It is a procedure which is derived from an interpretative framework of Christianity and refers back to this realm. This method strives for a personal "encounter", for a confrontation of the reader's personal experience with a biblical text and its world.