Dva barokní inventáře obrazů zámku Hetzendorf : příspěvek k počátkům sběratelství Salm-Reifferscheidtů

Title: Dva barokní inventáře obrazů zámku Hetzendorf : příspěvek k počátkům sběratelství Salm-Reifferscheidtů
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  • Two Baroque inventories of the paintings in Hetzendorf chateau : a contribution on the origins of the Salm-Reifferscheidt collections
Source document: Opuscula historiae artium. 2012, vol. 61 [56], iss. 2, pp. 176-189
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    1211-7390 (print)
    2336-4467 (online)
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Hetzendorf chateau on the outskirts of Vienna, surrounded by an extensive garden, belonged in the Baroque period to a number of prominent aristocratic families, who assembled in it an extensive collection of works of art. In addition to the Counts Thun, they included in particular the High Steward of Emperor Charles VI, Prince Anton Florian von Liechtenstein, who used Hetzendorf as his principal residence in Vienna. After his death the chateau passed to his daughter Maria Caroline, who was married to the Altgraf Franz Wilhelm zu Salm-Reifferscheidt. The furnishings of the chateau in the time of the Liechtensteins and the Salms, which preceded the sale of Hetzendorf to the imperial family, can be traced in two death estate inventories, in which special attention is devoted to works of art. On the basis of these sources it is possible to partly reconstruct, for example, the appearance of the Hetzendorf picture gallery or the collection of tapestries. The Baroque inventories of Hetzendorf chateau not only reveal what a luxury Baroque aristocratic residence looked like, but are at the same time a unique source for the hitherto unknown allodial collection of paintings of the Princes of Liechtenstein and in particular for the beginnings of the extensive collection of the Salms. It was from Hetzendorf, in particular, that the collection of family portraits of the Thuns, the Liechtensteins, and the Salms found its way to the main Salm residence in Rájec nad Svitavou, where it is still possible to precisely identify it today.
Článek vznikl díky podpoře Grantové agentury České republiky, projekt č. P409/12/2017: Vědecký katalog obrazárny v Rájci nad Svitavou a sběratelství rodu za Salm-Reifferschiedtu v 18.–20. století.