Einsamkeit als eine Form der neupyrrhonischen Gebrochenheit : eine mögliche Mündung der post-interimistischen Skepsis von Marquard

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Loneliness as a form of Neo-Pyrrhonian Gebrochenheit : on a possible outcome of Marquard's postintermistic scepticism
Source document: Pro-Fil. 2015, vol. 16, iss. 2, pp. [29]-35
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Type: Article
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A brief contribution to the conference held as a homage to O. Marquard focuses on his basic, that is, sceptical stance in philosophy and life. It merely aspires to remark (not necessarily justify) that philosophy can be cultivated in various areas with various basic ingredients, and it can develop thinking in multifarious forms. Marquard's preferred form was Pyrrhonian scepticism, resulting in irony, which leads to further crossroads and contingencies showing no sign of a blessed state, just like the previous ones. Perhaps this is a result of the fact that crossroads exist, but a blessed state does not. There is no way he can tell; but he can doubt both.
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