The Seventh Seal on the Czech stage

Title: The Seventh Seal on the Czech stage
Source document: Theatralia. 2019, vol. 22, iss. 1, pp. 61-75
  • ISSN
    1803-845X (print)
    2336-4548 (online)
Type: Article
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Whatever might be the reason for the theatre taking so much inspiration from film in the 21st century, the fact remains that the work of Ingmar Bergman is inspiring for theatre-makers all over the world. In this article, I briefly focus on three Czech productions of The Seventh Seal; namely a performance by the students of the Prague Conservatory which was put on under the title Wood Painting in 1995; a production by the independent student group Oldstars of 2011 and finally the only production on a professional stage, in the National Theatre in Brno in 2013, which is also recorded in the Swedish database. I also draw the reader's attention to special productions inspired by some motifs of Bergman's Seventh Seal. These, however, set the story in the present (In a Dark House in the Middle of the Night in 2006) from the now defunct Seven and a Half Theatre (Divadlo Sedm a půl), and Persons produced by the Theatre on the Balustrade in 2018.
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