Theatralia 2020, vol. 23, iss. 1

Issue title
Otakar Zich and a structural approach to art
Publication year
1803-845X (print)
2336-4548 (online)
  • Editoři čísla (Issue editors): Tomáš Kačer (Masaryk University, Brno, CZ), Svitlana Shurma (Tomas Bata University in Zlín, CZ)
hidden section Editorial
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7-11 Editorial Kačer, Tomáš; Shurma, Svitlana | pdficon
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13-29 Otakar Zich and Prague's 'Semiotic Stage' : reading performance avant la lettre Ambros, Veronika | pdficon
30-43 The Aristotelian perspective in Otakar Zich's The Aesthetics of Dramatic Art Osolsobě, Petr | pdficon
44-53 Aristotelism in Czech structuralism : Jan Mukařovský and Otakar Zich Schmid, Herta | pdficon
54-61 On poetic types or on more? Fořt, Bohumil | pdficon
62-80 Ruthless polyphony and audible silences : musico-dramatic narrative in Otakar Zich's Vina Locke, Brian S. | pdficon
81-88 Otakar Zich on the dramatic acting Musilová, Martina | pdficon
89-104 The magic of a toolbox : The Prague School in Theatre pedagogy : analysis, comprehension, creativity Meerzon, Yana | pdficon
105-129 Theatre graphics and graphic theatre : Zich's semantics in posters and publicity Maryška, Martin | pdficon
Spektrum – Spectrum
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131-149 The vacant utopia : reflecting on the first Polish post-war staging of The Tempest Pożar, Przemysław | pdficon
Host – Guests
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151-156 Interview with Emil Volek and Andrés Pérez-Simón, translators of Zich's 'The Theatrical Illusion' Kačer, Tomáš; Volek, Emil; Pérez-Simón, Andrés | pdficon
157-161 Interview with Nelly Kornienko Shurma, Svitlana; Kornienko, Nelly | pdficon
Orientace – Reviews
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163-167 I choose March': Les Kurbas, Avant-garde Berezil and Shakespeare : review of Irena R. Makaryk's Shakespeare in the Undiscovered Bourn (2004) Shurma, Svitlana | pdficon
168-170 A Czech dictionary of structuralist literary theory and criticism Drábek, Pavel | pdficon
171-173 Acquiring 'a new way of thinking about theatre...' Havlíčková Kysová, Šárka | pdficon
Depeše – Events
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175-177 On performance/performativity today and tomorrow Turzíková, Tereza | pdficon
178-183 Výzkum ve stádiu utváření Maryška, Martin | pdficon
184-197 Inez Tuschnerová Bulandrová, Amálie | pdficon
Archiv – Archive
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199-213 (Re-)translating Zich's aesthetics into English : a work in progress Kačer, Tomáš; Drozd, David | pdficon
hidden section Divadelní revue
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[214] Divadelní revue | pdficon