Studia paedagogica , vol. 22, iss. 4

Issue title
Teacher education and educational research
Publication year
1803-7437 (print)
2336-4521 (online)
  • Issue in English
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[5]-8 Editorial : How to link teacher education to educational research Šeďová, Klára; Lehesvouri, Sami | pdficon
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[9]-29 Bridging the gap between theory and practice with design-based action research Nijhawan, Subin | pdficon
[31]-53 Shifts in teacher talk in a participatory action research professional learning community Hales, Patrick | pdficon
[55]-76 Enhancing dialogic argumentation in mathematics and science Lehesvuori, Sami; Hähkiöniemi, Markus; Jokiranta, Kaisa; Nieminen, Pasi; Hiltunen, Jenna; Viiri, Jouni | pdficon
[77]-110 Teachers' emotions in teacher development: do they matter? Šeďová, Klára; Šalamounová, Zuzana; Švaříček, Roman; Sedláček, Martin | pdficon
[111]-129 Benefits of a small research study for the teacher education at a university of applied sciences: a case study Hellemans, Lieveke; Haesen, Stefan | pdficon
Emerging researchers
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[131]-149 Weaving the threads of a continuum: teacher education in Hungary from the perspective of European developments Symeonidis, Vasileios | pdficon