K původu a vývoji českých výrazů vinohrad a vinice v areálovém kontextu

Title: K původu a vývoji českých výrazů vinohrad a vinice v areálovém kontextu
Variant title:
  • On the origin and development of the Czech expressions vinohrad and vinice in the areal context
Source document: Linguistica Brunensia. 2016, vol. 64, iss. 2, pp. 65-76
  • ISSN
    2336-4440 (online)
    1803-7410 (print)
Type: Article
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The paper deals with the etymological and historical-semantic analysis of the Czech terms vinice and vinohrad 'vineyard', which are synonymous in contemporary Czech. Originally, however, they were territorially differentiated, i.e. the word vinohrad was limited to the area of Moravia, while the term vinice was common in Bohemia. The historical development of the expressions vinice and vinohrad is compared with developments in the neighbouring German speaking countries, where the terms Weingarten and Weinberg are used. It is possible that, like in German, it was the language of Bible translations (and other religious texts) using the Old Czech variant vinice, which played a significant role in the process of the expansion of the term vinice also to the territory of Moravia.
Příspěvek vznikl v rámci projektu 14-01768P Jazyk tradičního vinohradnictví a vinařství ve středoevropském areálu: etymologie a areálová lingvistika (GAČR).