Některé teoretické koncepce talentu a nadání

Source document: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. P, Řada psychologická. 2003, vol. 51, iss. P7, pp. [41]-54
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Type: Article
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The aim of presented study is to show empirical and theoretical approaches to the psychology of giftedness. A multidimensional approaches as well as one-dimensional are presented. The core of this article is a deep description of six, the most influential theoretical approaches to this field - J.Tannenbaum's "psychosocial" approach to defining giftedness, J. Renzulli's the "three ring"conception of giftedness, and its modification made by F.Monks and Feldhusen's model which covers four fundamental components, Gagne's model of giftedness and talent and Stemberg's conception. Selected models belong to the most influential in this field and are widely used in the identification strategies of gifted population for research and diagnostics purposes.