Mikuláše z Drážďan Sermo ad clerum 1416 (kritická edice)

Title: Mikuláše z Drážďan Sermo ad clerum 1416 (kritická edice)
Variant title:
  • Der Sermo ad clerum 1416 des Nikolaus von Dresden (Kritische Edition)
Author: Mutlová, Petra
Source document: Studia historica Brunensia. 2015, vol. 62, iss. 1, pp. [295]-312
  • ISSN
    1803-7429 (print)
    2336-4513 (online)
Type: Article
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The article presents a critical edition of a tract written by Nicholas of Dresden, entitled Sermo ad clerum factus per dominum Nicolaum, predicatorem Theutunicorum in Zacz, in anno Domini MoCCCCXVI. Based on a title preserved in one of its extant copy, the tract was written around 1416 by Nicholas of Dresden, an active supporter of the Hussites. The text is one of Nicholas's many treatises dealing with the problem of communion under both species.
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