Brno studies in English 2019, vol. 45, iss. 2

Issue title
Language in contrast: analysing texts, genres and discourses
Publication year
0524-6881 (print)
1805-0867 (online)
  • Edited by Jan Chovanec and Renata Kamenická
  • This special issue is dedicated to Professor Ludmila Urbanová on the occasion of her 75th birthday in appreciation of her life-long inspiration to many of us in the areas of discourse pragmatics and language in interaction.
Language in contrast: analysing texts, genres and discourses
Page Title
[9]-34 Information structure in parallel texts : a Czech-English view Dušková, Libuše | pdficon
[35]-52 Interactive repair among English as a lingua franca speakers in academic settings Hanusková, Magdalena | pdficon
[53]-76 Raising awareness around writers' voice in academic discourse : an analysis of writers' (in)visibility Herrando-Rodrigo, Isabel | pdficon
[77]-100 Discourse markers in writing on Facebook by early balanced English/Italian bilinguals Kapranov, Oleksandr | pdficon
[101]-120 Audience involvement in academic book review articles : an English and Czech comparative study Kozubíková Šandová, Jana | pdficon
[121]-138 Epistemic modal markers in two domains of academic research papers in English Panocová, Renáta; Lukačín, Lukáš | pdficon
[139]-154 Thematic structure vs. information structure in the analysis of translation shifts Reda, Maciej | pdficon
[155]-173 On exemplifying markers in present-day British and American English : formal and functional implications Rodríguez-Abruñeiras, Paula | pdficon
[175]-199 A corpus-based study of the specificity adjectives specific and particular in academic written English : evidence from the BAWE corpus Szczygłowska, Tatiana | pdficon
[201]-216 English placeholders as manifestations of vague language : their role in social interaction Tárnyiková, Jarmila | pdficon
[217]-236 Credibility-boosting devices in corporate annual reports Vogel, Radek | pdficon
Page Title
238-239 Brno Studies in English | pdficon