Vybrané okolnosti Helfertových interpretačních a organizačních aktivit

Title: Vybrané okolnosti Helfertových interpretačních a organizačních aktivit
Variant title:
  • Selected circumstances of Helfert's performing and organizational activities
Author: Špaček, Jan
Source document: Musicologica Brunensia. 2016, vol. 51, iss. 2, pp. 195-201
  • ISSN
    1212-0391 (print)
    2336-436X (online)
Type: Article
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The study describes selected circumstances of Helfert's activities as conductor of the Orchestral Association in Brno that he presided and conducted from the beginning of 1920s and of the Collegium Musicum at the Masaryk University that he founded, organized and conducted from 1928. With the latter he conducted concerts broadcast live by the Czech Radio "Radio-Journal" on a regular basis, mostly of early Czech classical-style music. Some literature brings information about a  series of four concerts of contemporary Soviet music taking place in 1934. However, there is no mention of these in available sources. Helfert, although uncompromising as a critic, was also an enthusiastic defender of amateur music activities. The Institute of Musicology at the Masaryk University maintains this tradition until present.