Výzkumník v poli kvalitativního terénního výzkumu – dilemata a otázky

Title: Výzkumník v poli kvalitativního terénního výzkumu – dilemata a otázky
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  • The researcher in qualitative field research – dilemmas and questions
Source document: Pavlásek, Michal; Nosková, Jana. Když výzkum, tak kvalitativní : serpentinami bádání v terénu. Pavlásek, Michal (Editor); Nosková, Jana (Editor). Vyd. 1. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, , Etnologický ústav AV ČR, Praha – pracoviště Brno, 2013, pp. 7-20
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The goal of our study is to thematize and then discuss the dilemmas involved in doing field research. Dilemmas and uncertainty arise from the fact that the social scientist does not stand "outside" the world of the actors being studied, but is an integral part of it. Ethnographic field research is an instrument for achieving deeper knowledge about cultures; and the legitimization of the key attributes of anthropology/ethnology. Qualitative field research meanwhile encompasses a number of theoretical, epistemological, and methodological themes, approaches, and positions. An analysis of its value, including the qualitative collection of data and its epistemological underpinning, is the subject of this study.