Linguistica Brunensia 2017, roč. 65, č. 1

Rok vydání
1803-7410 (print)
2336-4440 (online)
Stati – Статьи – Articles – Aufsätze
Page Title
7-20 Adjectival complements of transitive verbs in Spanish Gazdik, Anna | pdficon
21-36 Transitivity and self-caused readings in Spanish deverbal nouns Jardón, Natalia | pdficon
37-50 A re-examination of wieder: remarks on an overlooked prefix Blümel, Andreas; Particke, Hans-Joachim | pdficon
51-65 Interface interactions in the English iterative cycle Gergel, Remus | pdficon
67-80 English left-peripheral constructions from an LFG perspective Szűcs, Péter | pdficon
81-96 Revisiting continuative relative clauses: towards a unified account Blümel, Andreas; Götze, Christopher; Holler, Anke | pdficon
97-114 Phasehood of infinitives Čakányová, Michaela; Emonds, Joseph | pdficon
Kronika – Anniversaries
Page Title
115-126 Jaroslav Vacek (*26. 1. 1943 – †23. 1. 2017) Schwarz, Michal; Blažek, Václav | pdficon
Recenze a zprávy – Reviews and reports
Page Title
127-130 [Pereltsvaig, Asya; Lewis, Martin W. The Indo-European controversy: facts and fallacies in historical linguistics] Boček, Vít | pdficon
131-133 Nguyễn Đức Tồn (ed.). Cảnh huống và chính sách ngôn ngữ ở Việt Nam trong thời kì công nghiệp hoá, hiện đại hoá đất nước và hội nhập quốc tế Schwarz, Michal | pdficon
134-141 Návrat Leopolda Silbersteina Vykypěl, Bohumil | pdficon