Theatralia 2014, vol. 17, iss. 2

Issue title
Prague semiotic stage revisited II
Publication year
1803-845X (print)
2336-4548 (online)
  • This issue presents the outcome from the second symposium "Prague semiotic stage revisited II: an international symposium on Czech structuralist thought on theatre and drama, Brno, 20-22 May, 2013".
  • Editoři čísla (Issue Editors): Barbora Příhodová, Tomáš Kačer (Masaryk University, Brno, CZ)
  • Toto číslo vychází v rámci projektu Český divadelní strukturalismus: souvislosti a potenciál (2011‒2015; GAČR, č. P409/11/1082), financováno Grantovou agenturou ČR.
  • This issue is published under the Research Grant Czech Structuralist Thought on Theatre: context and potency (2011‒2015; GAČR, č. P409/11/1082), subsidized by the Czech Science Foundation.
hidden section Editorial
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5-6 Editorial Kačer, Tomáš; Příhodová, Barbora | pdficon
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7-10 Prague semiotic stage revisited II: an international symposium on Czech structuralist thought on theatre and drama, Brno, May 20‒22, 2013 : programme | pdficon
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[11]-[12] [Contents of the section Yorick] | pdficon
13-23 Responsibilities to the past; duties to the present: considerations on translating, editing and (re)presenting the Czech structuralist canon for modern international audiences Billing, Christian M. | pdficon
(I) The Prague School in the Contemporary Context
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24-40 Between intentionality and affect: on Jan Mukařovský's theory of reception Meerzon, Yana | pdficon
41-49 The Prague School's contribution to the theory of intermediality Šlaisová, Eva | pdficon
50-59 Conceptualizing the Hollywood biopic Pérez-Simón, Andrés | pdficon
(II) The Prague School in a Semiotic Perspective
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60-70 Mimetic and non-mimetic aspects of space in the theatre: some reflections following Jindřich Honzl's "Dynamics of the sign in the theater" Rokem, Freddie | pdficon
71-80 Otakar Zich's invisible actors and creative minds Pšenička, Martin | pdficon
(III) Personalities and Methodologies of the Prague School
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81-95 Functional reformulations: Prague School and intralingual translation Drábek, Pavel | pdficon
96-110 Jiří Veltruský revisited Schmid, Herta | pdficon
111-121 Archaeology of concepts and ambitions: performing structuralism through the field of scenography (Czechoslovakia, 1970s) Havlíčková Kysová, Šárka; Příhodová, Barbora | pdficon
122-136 Jan Mukařovský and theatre Sládek, Ondřej | pdficon
137-147 Jindřich Honzl's texts on acting – between convention and spontaneity Musilová, Martina | pdficon
(IV) International Reception of the Prague School
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148-161 Prague Linguistic Circle in English: semantic shifts in selected texts and their consequences Ambros, Veronika | pdficon
162-171 Phenomenological aspects of the Prague School theatre theory Sakellaridou, Elizabeth | pdficon
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[173]-[174] [Contents of the section Archive] | pdficon
175-187 The Prague Linguistic Circle and the Prager Presse : a remark on the science in interwar Czechoslovakia Bernátek, Martin | pdficon
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[189]-[190] [Contents of the section Spectrum] | pdficon
191-222 Where theory meets the practice: Jaroslav Malina's space, function and sign in scenography and painting Příhodová, Barbora | pdficon
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[223]-[224] [Contents of the section Orientation] | pdficon
225-226 Hastábhinaja: gesta rukou v tradičním divadelním umění Indie Drábek, Pavel | pdficon
227-229 100 years of Croatian set design and costume design 1909‒2009 Rogošić, Višnja | pdficon
230-232 Pavel Drábek's attempts at Shakespeare Kačer, Tomáš | pdficon
233-237 The chronotopical overview of Croatian performance art Majcen Linn, Olga | pdficon
238-240 In double trust: Shakespeare in Central Europe Kostihová, Marcela | pdficon
241-243 A fresh approach to old issues Havlíčková Kysová, Šárka | pdficon
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[245]-[246] [Contents of the section Events] | pdficon
247-249 "Theatrology at a crossroads": notes from a conference Satková, Naďa | pdficon
250-251 O' – Scenographic Video-Essays Kubart, Tomáš | pdficon
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[252] Máte? Čtete? Listujete? : Divadelní revue | pdficon
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[253] Kod: konkrétne o divadle | pdficon
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[254] Hastábhinaja: gesta rukou v tradičním divadelním umění Indie | pdficon
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[255] Czech Theatre Review 1989-2009 | pdficon
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[256] New messengers: short narratives in plays by Michael Frayn, Tom Stoppard and August Wilson | pdficon
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[257] Berufstheater in Brünn 1668–1733 | pdficon