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Brno studies in English
1976, volume 12

Issue title: Studies in the linguistic characterology of modern English
Year: 1976
Publication year: 1976
Note: Brno studies in English, Volume 12 (1976) vyšel jako sv. 205 v rámci edice Spisy Filozofické fakulty Univerzity J. E. Purkyně v Brně.

Table of contents:

9-56 A study on the functional perspective of the English and the Slavonic interrogative sentence Firbas, Jan | pdficon
57-83 Some notes on the present perfect Herzlík, Bořivoj | pdficon
85-92 A brief comment on some previous works on modality Hladký, Josef | pdficon
93-123 On position and function of English local and temporal adverbials Horová, Eva | pdficon
125-144 An attempt at a linguistic characterology of prepositions in present-day English in comparison with Czech Hruška, Jiří | pdficon
145-158 Some more notes on the conditional and the future in English and in Italian Ondráček, Jaroslav | pdficon
159-186 An ordered-triple theory of language Svoboda, Aleš | pdficon
187-224 Apropos of internal pragmatics Svoboda, Aleš | pdficon


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