Theatralia 2018, vol. 21, iss. 2

Issue title
Czech and Slovak scenography for Shakespeare
Publication year
1803-845X (print)
2336-4548 (online)
  • Editoři čísla (Issue Editors): Šárka Havlíčková Kysová (Masaryk University, Brno, CZ), Christian M. Billing (University of Hull, UK)
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7-13 Making space for Shakespeare in the Central European imaginary : editorial Billing, Christian M.; Havlíčková Kysová, Šárka | pdficon
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15-28 Visualising process: Hofman's 1926 Hamlet reconstructive practice Fergusson, Cat | pdficon
29-37 A technical and contextual analysis of scenography through sculptural reproduction: Hofman and Tröster's Hamlets Matthews, Dan | pdficon
38-63 Scenographer Antonín Heythum and his work in the US: the case of King Lear Koubská, Vlasta | pdficon
64-78 From creating spaces to evoking images: 4 + 1 Hamlets in Slovak theatre Wild, Jana | pdficon
79-94 Ladislav Vychodil's approach to designing stages for Shakespeare home and abroad Koblišková, Zuzana | pdficon
95-111 A midsummer night's dream in Polish puppet theatres in Silesia – Mise-en-Scène by Jan Dorman, Josef Krofta and Marián Pecko Tomaszewska, Ewa | pdficon
112-126 The Scenography of Shakespearománie I–III [The Shakespearomania Trilogy] directed by Peter Scherhaufer at the Goose on a String Theatre in Brno Inštitorisová, Dagmar | pdficon
127-140 Othello and the perception of race within the cultural context of Czech and Slovak theatres Koblišková, Zuzana | pdficon
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141-160 Socialist realism in the Bulgarian National Theatre's Stage design: processes, influences, concepts Tagareva, Albena | pdficon
161-172 The political dimension of the performance Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher [Joan of Arc at the Stake] in the Janáček Theatre, Brno in 1969 Spurná, Helena | pdficon
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173-181 Interview with Jan Dušek (13. 2. 2018) Koubská, Vlasta; Dušek, Jan | pdficon
182-186 We must take these risks : interview with Matthias Warstat Kunderová, Radka; Warstat, Matthias | pdficon
187-199 Obamovo tělo : performativní aspekty politické rétoriky Warstat, Matthias | pdficon
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201-203 Mirrors of/for the times: Shakespeare in Central European theatre Krajník, Filip | pdficon
204-207 Hlasy troch prekladateľov Wild, Jana | pdficon
208-210 What makes British musicals uniquely British? Zálešáková, Tereza | pdficon
211-213 Theatre and philosophy: the two as two-in-one in a theoretical issue of Anglia Journal and a Follow-up Symposium Kačer, Tomáš | pdficon
214-216 How to present ancient theatre on television Stehlíková, Eva | pdficon
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217-219 The urge to share knowledge Turzíková, Tereza | pdficon
220-222 Theory as a 'tool-box': Brno Theatralia Conference 2018 Lánská, Dita | pdficon
223-235 Zich's Guilt – reactions to the concert performance of extracts Drozd, David; Spurná, Helena; Bártová, Jindřiška; Flašar, Martin; Drábek, Pavel; Zahrádka, Jiří; Částková, Patricie; Kovaříková, Hana; Hložková, Hana | pdficon
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237-267 Curculio aneb Darmojed Plautus | pdficon
hidden section Divadelní revue
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[268] Divadelní revue | pdficon